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National CAMRA Site (Click on "Save Our Pubs"):

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National CAMRA site on Community Pub Ownership:

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You Tube Song & Video - Pubs hold the answer:

Find details of a Bristol Address (useful for Planning Objections)

Individual Pub Campaigns (you need to login to Facebook to access Facebook pages)

Bristol House Inn Facebook Page

We want the Greenbank as a Pub Again Facebook Page

Greenbank Pub Easton - Focus Group Facebook Page

Save the Lamplighters Pub Petition

Bristol and District CAMRA

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Branch Diary:

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Bristol Heritage Taverns Trail Facebook Page

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Beer in the Evening (Duncan Shine’s British Pub Guide is no more):

Pete Snowman's (of Bristol Cider Shop) comments on Bristol Pubs:

What Pub:

Closed Pubs website:

Avon Packet’s alternative view of Bristol Pubs:

Bristol’s Lost Pubs:

Bristol's Pubs:

Photos of Bristol Pubs:

Georges Brewery Photos:

Friends of Severn Beach Railway (for FOSBEER leaflet):

Flikr Site on Bristol’s Pubs:

Pubs Galore Web Site:

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