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2023 CAMRA

Bristol Beer Festival

16 to 19 November

City Hall, Bristol

The twenty fourth CAMRA Bristol Beer Festival will run from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th November 2023 at City Hall, College Green, Bristol.  

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking HERE


Producer Product ABV% Cider/Perry Description
Black Rat Cider Perry 6.7 Perry Fresh apple aroma, a smooth taste and a crisp and clean finish.
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden 5 Cider Medium-sweet traditional still farmhouse cider that is rich and velvety. Champion British Farmhouse Cider 2017.
Dorset Nectar Damson 3.8 Fruit Softly sparkling fruit cider with a hint of plum and reddish pink hue.
Dudda's Tun Apricot 4 Fruit A delicious blend of sweet apricot and apple. Light and moreish.
Gwatkins Foxwhelp 6 Cider A single-variety apple has produced a dry, crisp cider that's full of body and flavour.
Gwatkins Game Cock 4.5 Cider Sweet-tasting with mild tannins appearing in the aftertaste and rich, fresh apple aromas.
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.5 Perry Pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.
Harry's Scrummage 6.2 Cider Traditional medium cider with a blend of bittersweet and bittersharp apples, making a balanced drink.
Heck's Port Wine of Glastonbury 6.5 Cider Easy on the palate, this is a true session cider with light effervesence and lemony tones.
Heck's Kingston Black 6.5 Cider Classic cider in appearance, taste and strength. Rounded, almost velvety in texture and full of flavour.
Hunt's Cider Hazy Dazy 4.5 Cider Classic sweet and cloudy cider.
Hunt's Cider Bull Walloper 7.2 Cider Rich, medium sweet cider.
Perry's Barn Owl 6.5 Cider Crisp, refreshing cider combining natural ferments, wild yeasts and traditional apple varieties.
Purbeck Pirate Purbeck Cider Company 4.8 Cider Bittersweet and well-balanced medium cider with a sweet apple aroma, crisp mouth feel and a rounded flavour.
Sandford Orchards The General 8.4 Cider Bold and satisfying with notes of Seville orange, plum and baked apple. Rich and rewarding with a warming finish.
Sandford Orchards Hangy Downs 5.5 Cider Delicious baked apple and butterscotch flavours with a rich cider finish.
Seacider Medium 4.6 Cider Easy-drinking medium cider made with sweet eating apples.
Snail's Bank Cider Very Perry 5.1 Perry Fruity medium perry with a complex yet balanced flavour.
Snail's Bank Cider Rhubarb 4 Fruit Apple cider infused with tart rhubarb and blended with vanilla for a smooth session cider.
Tricky Cider Wizard 6.5 Cider Well-balanced and full-bodied classic farmhouse cider with mid tannin and medium sweetness.
Tutt's Clump Cider Jazz 5.5 Cider Medium-dry single-variety cider.
Wilkins Dry 6 Cider Hazy, smooth, oak-matured cider.