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2023 CAMRA

Bristol Beer Festival

16 to 19 November

City Hall, Bristol

The twenty fourth CAMRA Bristol Beer Festival will run from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th November 2023 at City Hall, College Green, Bristol.  

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking HERE


Brewery Beer ABV % Style Description
Abbey Ales Oh Mister Porter 4.9 Session Porter Smooth and slightly sweet porter, with roasted malt, gentle toffee and hints of dried vine fruits
Acorn Gorlovka 6 Strong Stout Rich, smooth and full bodied, bursting with chocolate and liquorice flavours before a fruity creamy finish
Arbor Ales Mosaic
Session Pale Ale Gluten Free pale ale with floral and tropical fruit flavours and aromas.
Arbor Ales Motueka 4 Session Pale Ale Single hopped pale ale with the motueka hops giving refreshing flavours of lime and tropical fruit
Arbor Ales Yakima Valley 7 New World IPA Strong full bodied IPA with fruity sweetness balanced by hop bitterness which lingers in the long satisfying finish
Ashley Down Red Stoat 5.2 Red Ale Dark red in colour with oats added to the grain bill to produce a smooth rounded and malty beer
Bowland Buster IPA 4.5 Premium Bitter Well balanced, medium bodied and rounded. Generous American hops provide long tropical undertones
Bradfield Farmers Blonde 4 Session Blond Ale Very pale refreshing beer, summer fruits blend with citrus and are balanced with light biscuit malt before a dry and hoppy ending
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5 Session Stout Dark roasted malt aroma, creamy flavours of chocolate dusted capaccino with some dark stone and dried vine fruit before bitterness increases in the aftertaste
Butcombe Rare Breed 3.8 Session Bitter Light bodied easy drinking refreshing beer, sweet malt overlaid with soft bitterness and subtle hints of citrus and tropical fruit
Butcombe Original 4 Session Bitter Sweetish tasting bitter with malt dominating over traces of dark fruit, both fade as bitterness increases towards the end
Butcombe Chris Moose 4.1 Red Ale Full bodied reddish brown winter warmer with fruity flavours and a hint of spice
Butcombe Haka 4.5
New Zealand pale ale
Cairngorm Tradewinds 4.3 Speciality - Flavoured Strong elderflower and citrus fruity hop nose which continues onto the palate and into the bitter-sweet finish
Cheddar Ales Festive Totty 4.5 Speciality - Flavoured Dark porter with hints of chocolate and dark fruit, enriched with ruby port to give a smoother and slightly sweeter taste.
Clevedon Blonde 5.2 Premium Blond Ale Big hoppy blond ale with crisp bitterness and distinctive citrus flavours
Cumbrian Ales Loweswater Gold 4.3 Session Blond Ale A dominant fruity body develops into a light bitter finish. A beer that belies its strength
Darkstar Hophead 3.8 Session Golden Ale A golden-coloured beer with a fruity/hoppy aroma and a citrus/bitter taste and aftertaste. Flavours remain strong to the end.
Dartmoor IPA 4 Session Pale Ale There is a flowery hop aroma and taste with a bitter aftertaste to this full-bodied, amber-coloured ale
Dynamite Valley TNT IPA 4.8 Premium Pale Ale Gold coloured Premium Pale with a fruity hop aroma, citrus orange bitterness on the palate with pear drops, toffee apple and light balancing malt
Elland 1872 Porter 6.5 Strong Porter Creamy, full flavoured ruby black porter. Rich flavours with chocolate, caramelised fruit and just a hint of liquorice. A smooth and slightly dry roasty finish
Exeter Avocet 3.9 Session Bitter A light coloured refreshing and easy drinking ale, with soft citrus fruit flavours balancing the sweet malt background
Exeter Darkness 5.1 Strong Stout Full bodied stout with roasted malt and coffee aroma, flavours combine malt, chocolate and caramel before hints of liquorice in the slightly bitter finish
Exeter Fall's Over 5 Premium Bitter Winter warmer style, with malty flavours on the tongue and a crisp berry finish
Exmoor Beast 6.6 Strong Ale Strong dark ale with complex aromas and flavours intermingling toffee, treacle and mocha with rich fruit cake
Fierce and Noble Liberty 5.6 New World IPA A caramel malt biscuit base loaded with American hops giving punchy flavours of citrus and tropical fruit with undertones of pine and spice
Fyne Jarl 3.8 Session Golden Ale Strong citrus notes, from the liberal use of Citra hops. A light, golden ale that is crisp and refreshing
Gloucester Session IPA 4.5 Premium Pale Ale Session IPA with a resinous and full bodied taste and aroma of juicy tropical fruit
Good Chemistry Lamplighter 5 Strong Porter Brewed with six different malts and English Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops, aromas of rich cocoa are echoed in the taste along with hints of coffee and demerara sugar
Hanlons Citra IPA 4 Session Pale Ale An easy drinking floral IPA built on a sweet malty base with a burst of citrus in the finish
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5 Premium Blond Ale Strong Blond Ale with a hoppy aroma, bitterness in the taste balanced with some fruit sweetness, before a long dry aftertaste
Hop Union Exhibitionist 4.5 Premium Bitter Deep copper coloured with a malty backbone and flavours of fruit and nut before a soft bittersweet finish
Incredible Black IPA 5.6 Black IPA Roasty toasty and slightly smoky background with citrus fruits to the fore which then linger in the ending
Left Handed Giant Oatmeal Pale 4.3 Session Pale Ale Light biscuit malt overlaid with generous new world hops gives crisp citrus notes with floral undertones and a refreshing bitterness
Loch Lomond Lost in Mosaic 5 Premium Pale Ale Oranges and lemon, pineapple and melon, all fuse together for a clean and fresh tasting Premium Pale Ale
Loch Lomond West Highland Way 3.7 Session Bitter A refreshing tropical ale with stone fruit aromas, gentle citrus flavours and a clean finish
Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5 Strong Stout Jet black stout with a coffee aroma and chocolate-orange spicy notes on the palate
Long Man Rising Giant APA 4.8 Premium Pale Ale A triple-hopped American style pale ale with a pleasant citrus fruit aroma and characteristic robust bitterness underpinned by a light malt background
Moor Revival 3.4 Session Pale Ale Naturally hazy pale ale with tropical fruit aromas, flavours of slightly resinous hops on a very light malt background and a gentle bitterness in the short finish
Moor Stout 5 Strong Stout  Roasted malt aroma, slightly smoky on the palate with liquorice, dark fruit, coffee and dark chocolate flavours all lingering into the complex aftertaste
Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew 5.1 Premium Bitter Well-balanced, full-bodied, malty beer with some spice and nutty flavours, and a long, complex finish
New Bristol Brewery Joy of Sesh 4.2 Session Bitter Powerfully hopped naturally hazy unfined beer with citrus and tropical fruits on the palate and a long bitter finish
Nuttycombe Pitchfork 4.3 Session Bitter Pale golden coloured ale with some hops on the nose. Flavours combine light malt with a citric hop bitterness leaving a lasting bitter and dry aftertaste
Nuttycombe Barn Owl 4.5 Premium Bitter A balance of malt and hops on the nose, smooth full-bodied taste where hops dominate with background malt, following through into the finish
Nuttycombe Snow Leopard 4.9 Strong Mild A light-coloured mild, with aromas of malt and oats and a creamy and smooth full flavoured taste
Nuttycombe Red Nose Reinbeer 5.5 Premium Bitter A richly flavoured deep copper coloured seasonal beer with chocolate, toffee and nuts, and a smooth long lasting finish.
On Point Amberillo 4.5 Premium Bitter An amber coloured ale that is generously laced with Amarillo hops to give an orange bouquet, flavours of peach and slightly floral hints
Orkney Cliff Edge 4.7 Premium Pale Ale Aromas of pine and citrus, grapefruit and tropical fruit meld on the palate with a touch of spice leaving a lingering dry bitterness
Orkney Dark Island 4.6 Strong Mild Initial impressions of coffee before a roast malt and chocolate taste laced with dark fruit and nuts leads into a long-lasting, rich and satisfying finish
Orkney Red MacGregor 4 Session Bitter This tawny red ale has a well balanced mix of red fruit, malt and hops and a slight sweetness throughout
Ossett Excelsius 5.2 Premium Pale Ale A strong pale ale with a full, mellow flavour and a fresh, hoppy aroma with citrus/floral characteristics
Quantock QPA 4 Session Pale Ale A sessionabe pale ale, extremely light in colour. Generous additions of US hops give big, bold citrus aromas and flavours
Otter Autumn Red Ale 4 Session Bitter Chestnut coloured autumnal ale, malty foundation with some dark fruit, subtle spice and a trace of nuts
Otter Otter Ale 4.5 Premium Bitter Malt is to the fore from start to finish. Full of flavour with sweet fruit, toffee and caramel before a slightly dry aftertaste
Robinsons Old Tom 8.5 Strong Ale A full-bodied, dark beer with malt, fruit and chocolate on the aroma. Complex flavours include dark chocolate, roasted malt, port and fruits and lead to a long, bittersweet and deeply satisfying finish
Rooster Baby Faced Assassin 6.1 New World IPA An IPA with aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit and mandarin with a lasting juicy tropical fruit bitterness
Roosters Highway51 3.7 Session Pale Ale Juicy, tropical fruit flavours are to the fore, backed up by a hint of citrus and a grapefruit finish.
Salcombe Salcombe Gold 4.2 Session Golden Ale Citrus aroma, tastes of apricot, peach and melon with a mellow biscuit touch in the backgound. A very refreshing ale.
Salopian Oracle 4 Session Golden Ale Citrus aromas lead to a bitter and increasingly citrus zesty taste
Salopian Golden Thread 5 Premium Golden Ale Slightly floral bouquet, crisp bitterness on the palate balanced with subtle sweetness before a long fruity finish
South Hams Sherman 6.4 New World IPA A strong American pale ale, very fruity with peaches and lemon evident and some sweetness in the taste continuing into the ending
St Austell Gem 4.1 Session Bitter Pale brown best bitter with a light aroma, sweet fruit and malt flavours with a hint of caramel and a short bitter finish
St Austell Lansdown IPA 5.0
West Coast IPA
St Austell Festivity 5 Strong Porter A full bodied porter with chocolate, coffee and liquorice to the fore and subtle hints of hedgerow fruits
St Austell Big Job 7.2 New World IPA Golden coloured beer with honey caramelised citrus notes, refreshingly smooth with warming finish. Increasing spicy dry bitter notes and soft fruity nose
St Ives Alba IPA 5.2 Premium Pale Ale Robust ale with citrus and resinous pine aromas, light malt on the palate with pithy citrus bitterness before a lingering dry finish
Thornbridge Wild Swan 3.5 Session Blond Ale Extremely pale yet flavoursome and refreshing beer. Plenty of lemony citrus hop flavour, becoming increasingly dry and bitter in the finish and aftertaste.
Thornbridge Astryd 3.8 Session Golden Ale Hazy American style ale that punches above its weight, with soft berry aromas and stone fruit flavours balanced with some delicate hop bitterness
Titanic Plum Porter 4.9 Speciality - Flavoured Dark brown with a powerful fruity aroma. A sweet plum fruitiness gives way to a gentle bitter finish
Titanic Grand Reserve 6.5 Speciality - Flavoured Deep dark porter with plummy sweetness over intensely rich roast flavours and some balancing hop bitterness.
Twisted Urban Legend 4.3 Session Golden Ale Refreshing balanced ale, light malt background overlaid with soft citrus fruit and a dry bitterness which continues into the aftertaste
Twisted Oak Code Red 4.3 Red Ale Malty aroma, dark berry and bitter citrus flavours with tartness of rye before a lingering dry finish
Uley Hussar 4.2 Session Golden Ale A golden ale with a fresh fragrant fruity aroma, the initial sup is light and refreshing, followed by a lingering dry hoppy finish
Uley Taverner 4.5 Premium Bitter A copper-coloured, full-flavoured, hoppy bitter with some fruitiness and a long smooth balanced finish.
Vocation Bread and Butter 3.9 Session Golden Ale Pale golden with floral aroma, smooth and rounded with fresh flavours and aromas of pine, peach, lychee and citrus fruits
Vocation Heart and Soul 4.4 Premium Golden Ale A golden ale with a strong citrus aroma. Fruity hops dominate the taste with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineapple and mango
Wiper and True Kaleidoscope 4.2 Session Pale Ale Naturally hazy Pale Ale in the American style. Lots of juicy tropical fruits overlaid on a background hoppy bitterness