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The twenty third annual CAMRA Bristol Beer Festival will run from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th November 2020 at Brunelís Old Station, Temple Meads, Bristol. 

For more information go HERE

To buy tickets go HERE


Below is the order that was created for the original festival dates in March 2020. This is likely to change by November!

Whilst every effort will be made to stick to the information below, we can never be 100% sure until the deliveries have been made and it is almost inevitable that some last minute changes will take place. Please look out for updates here/at the festival.  

(updated 12/03/20)


Brewery Beer  ABV %
Atlantic Blue 4.8
Beowulf Folded Cross 4.3
Bingham Hot Dog Chilli Stout 5
Black Tor Saison 4
Black Tor Dark Mild 3.7
Blue Monkey Primate 4
Brecon Brewing Pirate Bay 5
Cairngorm Trade Winds 4.3
Cairngorm Stag 4.1
Cairngorm Wildcat 5.1
Canopy Brewing Makers & Doers ESB 5.0
Cellar Head Brewing Spring Head 4
Cornish Crown Porter 5.2
Cornish Crown Red IPA 5.9
Country Life Country Bumpkin 6
Country Life Old Appledore 3.7
Crooked Brewery Standard 4.2
Dancing Duck Ay Up 3.9
Dancing Duck Abduction 5.5
Dark Star APA 4.7
Dartmoor Dragonís Breath 4.4
Davenports Old Ale 5.3
Davenports Top Brew Delux 7.2
Downton Chimera IPA 6.8
Downton Downton Dream 4.8
Driftwood Spar Bolsterís Blood 5
Electric Bear Inspector Remorse 4.7
Electric Bear Where Dreams are Made 4.4
Elland 1872 Porter 6.5
Elland Lucky Dip 4.7
Errant Go a Little Crazy 4
Exeter Avocet 3.9
Exeter Ferryman 4.2
Exeter 'Fraid Not 4.0
Forge Litehouse 4.3
Forge Tamar Source 4.6
Fownes King Korvakís Saga 5.4
Fownes Kvit ov the Whyte Crow 4.4
Gloucester Coral 4.5
Gloucester American Pale 6.4
Goffs Jester Brew No.6 5
Goffs White Knight 4.7
Good Chemistry Becoming North 6
Great North Eastern Brewery Hopnicity 5
Green Jack Baltic Trader 10.5
Green Jack Red Herring 5
Green Jack Ripper 8.5
Grounding Angels Good Vibrations 4
Hanlonís Citra IPA 4
Hanlonís Port Stout 4.8
Harvistoun Schiehallion 4.8
Holdens Black Coountry Special 5.1
Hop Shed Pekin Pale 4
Ikley Mary Jane 3.5
Kettlesmith Coastline Kolsch 4.9
Kettlesmith Stone Angel Gruit 5.3
Lancaster Amber 3.6
Loch Ness Wilderness 5.1
Ludlow Brewery Gold 4.2
Mechanic Brewery Snake in the Grass 4.5
Mumbles Weisse 5.8
New Bristol Brewery Super Delux Stout 7
Oakham Elephant in the Kanha 5.2
Oakham The Experimentals Vol.2 4.4
Orkney Corncrake 4.1
Orkney Red McGregor 4
Otter Ale 4.5
Plain Ales Inndulgence 5.2
Platform 5 Whistle Blower 4.6
Potton Brewery Widdershins Dark Bitter 4
Powderkeg Speak Easy 4.3
Powderkeg Idler 3.9
Quantock QPA 4.0
Quantock Titanium 5.1
Reunion Opening Gambit 3.8
Roam Tavy Porter 5.2
Salopian Panacea 5
Salopian Slipstream 5.1
Sarah Hughes Mild 6
Skinnerís Hops Ďn Honey 4
Skinnerís Lushingtons 4.2
Swan Brewery Berwickís Best 4.5
Swannay Island Hopping 3.9
Teignworthy Neap Tide 3.8
Teignworthy Reel Ale 4
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9
Three Kings Billy Mill 4
Tyne Bank Monument 4.1
Tyne Bank Where Friendship Begins 4
Wickwar Stand-Up 4.6
Wickwar Station Porter 6.1
Wild Beer Fresh 5.5
Wold Top Brewery Against the Grain 4.5
Woods Shropshire Lad 4.5
XT Clownfish 4.6
Yeovil Harlequin 4.2
Yeovil Ruby 4.5

LocAle BAR

Brewery Beer ABV%
Arbor Blue Sky Drinking 4.4%
Arbor My Little Sabrony 5.0%
Arbor Sean of the Red 5.2%
Arbor Zero Zero 4.3%
Basement Oblique Strategy 4.1%
Bath Ales Lansdown 5.0%
Bath Ales March Hare 3.8%
Brewhouse & Kitchen Crockers 3.5%
Bristol Beer Factory Espresso Martini 4.5%
Bristol Beer Factory Low Rider 3.9%
Butcombe Master Shake 5.2%
Butcombe Stateside 4.2%
Cheddar Ales Bedstraw 4.4%
Cheddar Ales Crown and Glory 4.6%
Clevedon Clevedon Best 4.0%
Croft Ales Deep Red 5.5%
Dawkins Foresters Black Caramel edition 4.8%
Epic: 3D Blame it on the Boogie 3.8%
Epic: Pitchfork Santa Fe limited edition bourbon aged 8.0%
Fierce & Noble American Pale Ale 5.0%
Good Chemisty Storms Pass 4.3%
Great Western Brewery Black Strap 7.0%
Incredible Nettle Beer 4.0%
King Street Brew House Got Milk Espresso Edition 4.4%
King Street Brew House Hip Hops 5.6%
Left Handed Giant Wood, Sugar and Smoke 9.0%
Little Giant FUM 5.0%
Moor Beer Winter Warmer 5.3%
New Bristol Brewery Big Cinder Toffee Stout 6.5%
Tapestry Topline 6.5%
Three Engineers Beluga 3.9%
Twisted Oak Ghost Town 5.7%


Producer Product ABV%
Bad Boy Cider Original 5.9%
Beard & Sabre Idunn 5.0%
Bignose & Beardy Discrace 6.9%
Caledonian Cider Co North Shore 6.0%
Celtic Marches Slack Alice 4.6%
Celtic Marches Ruby Tuesday 4.0%
Bushel+Peck Smooth + Subtle 6.2%
Dalton Moor Farm Cider Number 9 6.7%
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden 5.0%
Dowding's Tower Brue, Medium 6.5%
Downham Cider Jonagold SV 6.0%
Dudda's Tun Apricot 4.0%
Dudda's Tun Perry 5.5%
Durham Cider Morning Glory - Rose edition  6.5%
Ganley & Naish cider Browns 5.3%
Green Man Cider Summer Gold 6.5%
Gwatkins Squeal Pig 4.5%
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.2%
Hallets Cider Rum Cask 5.6%
Harry's Scrummage 6.2%
Heck's  Port Wine of Glastonbury 6.5%
Heck's  Blended Perry 6.0%
Hedge-Hoggers Old Age Pig 5.4%
Kniveton Cider Company Wynnsum 6.1%
Lilley's Beesting 7.5%
Lilley's Rhubarb 4.0%
Nempnett Piglet's Perry 7.0%
Rutts Lane Cider Rutts Redstreak 7.2%
Sampford Courtenay Warhorse 6.5%
Sandford Orchards The General 8.4%
Sandford Orchards Fanny's Bramble 4.0%
Severn Cider New Orchard Sweet 4.5%
Simon's Cider Gibson's Perry 6.4%
Skidbrooke Cyder Captain Cobbler 6.0%
Snail's Bank Cider Tumbledown 5.2%
Snail's Bank Cider Gooseberry Fool 4.0%
Thornborough Cider Thornborough Dry 6.0%
Udders Orchard Addle Croft Perry 6.5%
Wasted apple Cornish Pear Apple Cider  5.5%
Westcroft Janet's Jungle Juice 6.0%
Worley's Red Hen 6.2%
Worley's Beatnik Billy 5.5%