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Mild...  and  the  CAMRA  Mild  Month  of  May

 (updated 11/05/15)

Mild Ales range from black to dark brown to pale amber in colour. Malty and possibly sweet tones dominate the flavour profile but there may be a light hop flavour or aroma. Slight diacetyl (butterscotch) flavours are not inappropriate. Alcohol levels are typically low. Pale milds have a lightly fruity aroma and gentle hoppiness. Dark milds may have a light roast malt or caramel character in aroma and taste. Some Scottish cask beers will have mild characteristics with a dominance of sweetness, smooth body and light bitterness.

If cask   mild  ales  are  to  survive  as  a  style,  then  ...  they  need  your  support! For May  this  year,  BADRAG  will  once  again  be  organising  a   mild  trail  and  also  encouraging  local  breweries  and  pubs  to  produce  and   stock  mild  ales for you to do your own DIY trails. Please support them!

Organised  trail

The  one  organised  trail  is  the  South  Gloucestershire  Mild  Trail   which  will  take  in the  Cross  Hands,  Winterbourne  Down;  the  Globe,   Frampton  Cotterell;  the  New  Inn, Mayshill (lunch stop);  the  Swan  Inn,  Nibley;  the   Horseshoe  and  George  Hotel, Chipping  Sodbury;  the  Beaufort  Arms,   Hawkesbury  Upton;  the  Salutation  Inn,  Ham (CAMRA  national  pub  of   the  year  for  2015)  and  the  Anchor  at  Thornbury.

The South Gloucestershire Mild Trail will be on Saturday 16th May, 11:25am - 7.30pm .

Early booking  is  advised  for  a  place  on  the  coach  for  this   popular  event  (email branch  social  secretary  Andy  Gray  on  social@  or  sign  up  at branch  meetings).  

The  coach  will  depart  from  the  Cornubia  at  11.25  prompt.  The  trail  leader   will  be Brian  Abbott,  contactable  on  07455  080678.

DIY   trails

You  are  also  encouraged  to  do  your  own  mild  trails  taking  in  the   pubs  listed  below  (in  postcode  area  order)  which,  at  the  time  of  going   to  press  towards  the  end  of  February,  had  agreed  to  have  mild  ales   available  during  May.  (If  you  would  like  to  invite  CAMRA  members  to   join  you  for  a  trail  of  your  choice,  please  email  the  date,  start  time  and   place  and  your  contact  details  to  and  we   will  circulate  details.)

*  Commercial  Rooms,  Corn  Street,  BS1  1HT

*  Bank  Tavern,  John  Street,  BS1  2HR

*  Crofters  Rights,  Stokes  Croft,  BS1  3RW

*  Famous  Royal  Navy  Volunteer,  King  Street,  BS1  4EF  

* Gryphon,  Colston  Street,  BS1  5AP

*  Kings Head,  Victoria Street,  BS1  6DE

*  Seven  Stars,  Thomas  Lane,  BS1  6JG

*  Bridge  Inn,  Passage  Street,  BS2  0JF

*  Miners  Arms,  Mina  Road,  BS2  9YQ  (early  May)

*  Robert  Fitzharding,  Cannon  Street,  BS3  1BN

*  The  Hare,  North  Street,  BS3  1EN

*  Chelsea  Inn,  Chelsea  Road,  BS5  6AU

*  Red  Lion,  Whitehall  Road,  BS5  9BP

*  Quinton  House,  Park  Place,  BS8  1JW  (Thursdays  to  Sundays)

*  Kings  Arms,  High  Street,  Kingswood,  BS15  4AB  (early  May)

*  Kingswood  Colliers,  High  Street,  Kingswood,  BS15  8HP

*  Cabot  Court  Hotel,  Knightstone  Road,  WsM,  BS23  2AH  (Fri  to   Sun  and  maybe  at  other  times)

*  The Old Bank, Keynsham,  BS31  1DQ (early part of May)

*  Hawkes House, Thornbury,  BS35  2AB

*  Swan, Thornbury,  BS35  2AE

*  Rising  Sun,  Frampton  Cotterell,  BS36  2HN

*  New  Inn,  Mayshill,  BS36  2NT   (occasionally  during  May)

*  Salutation  Inn,  Ham,  GL13  9QH

Mild  ale  brewers  and  wholesalers

We have been advised below of  mild ales that will be available  –  please  ask  your  licensee  to  support  them.

*  Ashley  Down  –  Expect  a  new  4.2%  pale  amber  mild  ale.  (Tel:  07563   751200.)

*  Bath Ales –  Bath Ales Mild Manners 3.6% ABV,  a traditional 3.6 ABV dark mild with a toasty aroma and a good biscuit flavour. tel 0117 947 4797 to order. (delivered as of 4/5/15 to the Hare on the Hill and Royal Navy Volunteer in Bristol, the Hop Pole in Bath and the Plough in Congresbury.

*  Celt  Experience:  Dark  Age  –  Dark Age - A resinous mild ale ABV: 4% with elegant a smooth chocolate and caramel body and a spicy dry finish. Inspired by the tranquility of the myths of Avalon. tel 02920 867 707.

*  Cotleigh  Brewery:  Nutcracker  Mild  –  A  3.4%  mild  which  Cotleigh   has  brewed  for  more  than  10  years  now.  It  has  a  delicious  hint  of   liquorice  that  is  easy  to  drink  and  leaves  you  wanting  more.  Cotleigh   will  probably  bring  in  a  few  milds  from  other  brewers  to  sell  wholesale   into  the  West  Country.  (Tel:  01984  624  086.)

*  Cotswold  Spring:  OSM  (Old  Sodbury  Mild)  –  A complex 7 grain mild at 3.9% abv. Initially dry with a bitter sweetness. Chocolatey notes and a long finish. Old Sodbury Mild is the Supreme Champion at the SIBA 2011 National Beer Competition.  (Tel:  01454   323088.)

*  Great  Western  Brewing:  Meerkat  Mild  –  The  colour  is  a  dark  red,   brought  upon  by  the  chocolate  and  crystal  malts  used  in  the  grist.  Milds   were  traditionally  low  in  ABV   and  the  Meerkat  is  no  exception  at  3.9%.   It  has  a  light  aroma  of  dark  roasted  malts  with  just  a  hint  of  chocolate.   Its  taste  isn’t  far  off  the  nose  with  the  added  zesty  hop  character  at  the   forefront  of  the  palette  along  with  an  essence  of  nuttiness.  (Tel:  0117   957  2842.)

*  Moles:  Double  MM  –  This  is  Moles’  3.6%   mild,  a  light  bodied,  dark  beer  with  fruit and toasted toffee flavours and with smooth bitterness from the careful blend of Fuggles and Goldings hops.  (Tel:  01225  708842.)

*  Moor  Beer  Company  –  Phone  from  March   for  “Moor”  details!  (Tel:  0117  9414460.) Late Extra “Moor” will be brewing A Traditional Mild  at 3.9%, & Half & Half, a 4.1% blend of Mild & Bitter! 

*  Otter Brewery - At 3.8% ABV, Otter Dark is a traditionally dark brown session beer with a soft mouth feel. The wide range of floor malted barleys deliver a substantial malty base flavour with balanced bitterness from the chocolate.

The traditional English hops ensure this beer is traditional to the Otter stable and deliver fruit and bitterness in the taste with a gentle bitter finish.
 (Tel:  01404  891 285.)

*  Plain  Ales:  Mayday,  3.6%  ABV.  (Tel:  01985  841481.)

*  RCH  Brewery:  Hewish  Mild  –  At  3.6%  ABV,  a  dark  traditional   mild with a bitter sweet taste and a long sweet finish. Also wholesaling Mild Ales for about twenty five other breweries. Tel 01934 834447 Late Extra: Crouch Vale Blackwater Mild 3.7% available as at 1/5/15

*  Severn  Vale  Brewing:  Monumentale  –  At  4.5%  ABV   it  is  a  little   stronger  than  most  milds  and  has  a  smooth  balanced  maltiness  set   against  a  noticeable  but  not  overpowering  hop  character.  (Tel:  01453   547  550.)

*  Anita  Sully  –  Wholesaler  (Tel:  07737  119910.)

No doubt some other pubs that regularly offer rare ale styles,  mainly   in  the  central  area  of  Bristol,  will  also  support  Mild  Month, as will other pubs, brewers and wholesalers.  They will be added to this list when BADRAG hears about them - please email