BADRAG is again running its Mild Ale Promotion Campaign, Mild Time, from Friday 19 to Sunday 28 November 2021.

While encouraging the local trade to support CAMRA's National Mild Month in May, we discovered from them that as soon as the sun comes out they find it difficult to sell dark beers, hence our own local Mild Time campaign. Due to the pandemic, there will be no Mild Time group events this year, but please support the pubs listed below (coming soon), which will be fielding Mild Ales.

Mild Ale is a rare style of ale once very common in the UK including the South West, it is low in bitterness, often malty, nutty and very easy drinking. There is a myth that it always has a low ABV, but low ABVs were introduced in the Victorian era to avoid factory workers returning from lunch a bit tipsy. Stronger mild ales, such as Sarah Hughes Ruby 6% ABV, sell very well and often the word Mild is omitted from the name on the pump clip, so ask the bar staff which is the Mild Ale if it is not obvious to you, or look out for the CAMRA Mild pump crowner.

We have compiled a contacts list for pubs of mild suppliers and brewers.

You may be lucky during Mild Time to find these Mild category winners of the Campaign for Real Ale's prestigious Champion Beer of Britain competition, awarded at the Great British Beer Festival 2019:

And in the Champion Winter Beer of Britain competition February 2020, the Old Age Strong Milds were:

Mild Time Participating Pubs 2021

Note: (MTE **) means a Mild Time Event is taking place at this pub on the November date(s) shown, see the Branch Diary for full details.